The Condom Bar

The IGNITE Crew realized that condoms were a lot like finding the right pair of jeans, and knew people needed choices to find a solution that was right for each person.

In February 2015, IGNITE set up The Condom Bar for the first time! It’s still a crowd favorite and can be found every month throughout the Phoenix LGBTQ Community. Since it’s debut – it has distributed over 400,000 safer-sex materials! Visitors can grab a re-usable bag that’s been hand-stamped by the IGNITE Crew to fill up with your favorite condoms and lube!

Check out these photos of The Condom Bar in action!

Wrap-it-up at The Condom Bar

Condoms are the mostly commonly used HIV and STI prevention method and are highly effective when used consistently and correctly. But we totally realize that one size doesn’t fit all! If you’re struggling to use condoms every time or if you’re having trouble finding the right fit for you or your partner, check out the tips below for condom usage and then shop IGNITE’s free Condom Bar online!

Take a test drive! Pick up some different condom types and sizes and give them a try on your own. If you’re a top, see how different ones fit and feel with some self-stimulation so you’ll be ready with the perfect fit. If you’re a bottom, slide different ones on a toy or your fingers and see if there’s a texture or type that gets you going.

Timing Matters! Let him know you play safe when talk about sex comes up – the earlier you talk about it, the less awkward it gets later. It may be a relief for him too. If you hook-up online, add it to your profile and re-confirm it before you agree to meet-up. Then, everyone’s on the same page when he comes knockin’ at your door.

Lube it up – inside and out! Try adding a couple drops of your favorite lube inside the tip of the condom before you put it on – but not too much that it slides right off. A couple of drops will allow the tip of the condom to move with you and not pull or stick to the head.  It’ll also give you a warm, moist, natural sensation.

GET IT ON…and keep it on! Whether your guy is on the smaller or larger side, there are plenty of options available to find something that’s a good fit. If you know you need a smaller or larger size, make sure you stay stocked so you’re ready in a moment’s notice! If you’re a bottom or vers, stock-up and have a variety of sizes ready to go!

Shop The Condom Bar Online (Pick-Up Only)

Check out IGNITE’s Condom Bar line-up below, order online and pick up your FREE condoms at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS when you come in for FREE HIV and/or STI Testing! Or you can fill up your sack in-person for FREE at The Condom Bar at various IGNITE events throughout Phoenix. Don’t be shy – we’re sure we can find the right fit for you!

Standard Fit

ONE Universal Standard Fit

ONE Pride Mix Standard Fit

Trustex with Lube Standard Fit

Colors & Flavors

ONE Flavorwaves Standard Fit Multi-Colored Flavored

Trustex with Lube Standard Fit Multi-Colored

ONE Glowing Pleasures Standard Fit Glow-in-the-Dark


ONE Tantric Pleasures More Headroom Slight Texture

ONE Pleasure Plus More Headroom Textured Tip Room for Piercings

ONE 576 Sensations Standard Fit Studded Intense Texture

Ultra Sensitive

ONE Vanish Standard Fit 35% Thinner

ONE Zero Thin More Headroom 25% Thinner

Big & Small

LifeStyles KYNG Extra Large Fit

ONE Legend Extra Large Fit

LifeStyles Snugger Smaller Fit

Specialty (Non-Latex)

Female Condoms Non-Latex

LifeStyles Non-Latex Standard Fit Latex-Free

Order Now! (Pick-Up Only)

Ready to take some condoms for a test-drive? Order your FREE Condoms from The Condom Bar Now! We’ll pack up 12 condoms and 12 packs of lube for you to try out! Fill out the form below and select the condoms and lube you’d like to try. We’ll email you when they’re ready to pick-up at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS! Your custom sack will be held for you with the Testing Team for 1 week.  Be sure to get tested for HIV and/or STI’s while you’re there!

Pick-Up at:

Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS
1101 N Central Ave, Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85004 (map)