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2016 National HIV Testing Day Event

Thank you for joining us! Together, over 100 people were tested for HIV and over $15,000 was raised for Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS’ Testing Program

The IGNITE Crew hosted our 2nd Annual National HIV Testing Day Celebration at Stacy’s on Saturday, June 25th from 5pm – 2am! People could get tested with their significant other or get tested individually while they enjoyed an amazing event! Shaking the stigma, grabbing your partner or a friend to IGNITE Your Status was the theme of the event! People could also show off their charitable side by participating in a number of fun, fundraising activities to help support the Testing Program at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS who provides FREE Rapid HIV Testing throughout the Phoenix LGBT Community each week! Click the tabs below to check out the activities we had during this event!

View the Photo Gallery of the event below!

More about the Event:

The Location: Stacy's @ Melrose
Stacy's @ Melrose Phoenix

Stacy’s @ Melrose
4343 N 7th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85013 (map)

One of the hottest clubs in Phoenix, Stacy’s @ Melrose is located in the heart of the popular downtown Melrose District near the iconic curve on 7th Avenue. A casual atmosphere, with an ambiance and charm of an old-world cathedral with the walls featuring local community artists’ works of art, great music and a hoppin’ dance floor, Stacy’s is staffed with the friendliest employees to provide cheerful customer service and top-notch cocktails and many craft beers.

Don’t be surprised to find Stacy checking on you and your guests to make sure you’re having the best time you can have. For those who prefer the outdoors, there is a spacious patio fully furnished with a full-service bar under the stars.

The Mission: FREE Rapid HIV Testing

The Testing Process

With one little prick on your finger and a small amount of blood, your Testing Specialist will get your test running while you go back out to enjoy the evening with friends. The test we use looks for the HIV Antigen and Antibody. Typically, one or the other is detectable 14-17 days after exposure. If you feel you may have been exposed to HIV in the last 2-3 weeks, you may need to be re-tested in order to receive a more definitive result.

After 20 minutes, an IGNITE Crew Member will find you to bring you back to the testing area to receive your confidential results. If your test is negative, the Testing Specialist will offer you free condoms, free lube, referrals for PrEP, referrals for Behavioral Health Programs and/or referrals to Intervention Programs if you need them to help you stay negative. If your test is positive, you won’t be alone. The Testing Specialist will work with you to ensure you’re linked to medical, financial, behavioral and support services to support you while you navigate through the next steps. Learn more about the Testing Process here.

* Note: Only Rapid HIV Testing will be offered at this event. For STD Testing, such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis, visit Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS website for free STD Testing and Treatment.

Couples Testing versus Individual Testing

Couples Testing Available from 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

With this Test Together National HIV Testing Day Event, Southwest Center will be launching an all-new Couples Testing program, where two or more people who are in a sexual relationship (or plan to be) can get tested together. During the session, you’ll focus on where you and your partner(s) are today and moving forward – no dwelling on the past! You’ll be tested together and will also receive your results together – which will either be all negative, all positive, or mixed results (at least one positive and one negative). From there, you’ll work with your partner to come up with a plan for the future – to either remain negative or remain healthy while living with HIV. The Couples Testing Session will take around 45 minutes to complete, so there will be a limited number of sessions available between 5:00pm – 8:30pm. Individual sessions will be available all evening.

Food Trucks (7:00pm – 1:00am)
La Food Truck Familia bring food trucks and consumers together through distinctive gourmet street food throughout Phoenix each week. Stacy’s will be expanding their patio for this event into the parking lot, and what better way to celebrate this event with some great, local flavors! From 7:00 pm – 1:00 am, you’ll find:

Mamma Toledo’s Pies

Mamma Toledos Pies

With pies so good, they’ll shut your Pie Hole, Mamma Toledo’s brings a delicious assortment of mini-pies, perfect for sharing as you come to get Tested Together! Check out their menu online here, and their video promo for this event!

Tot’s N Tot’s of Burgers

Tot's N Tot's of Burgers

Don’t stress! Their burgers are an AMAZING mess!  Order a basket of Tot’s that are perfect for sharing or a burger so delicious, you’ll be fighting off the boys who just want a bite! Check out their menu online here and get your appetites ready!

IGNITE Drag Contest & Performance
IGNITE Summer Bar Tour - June

You see the IGNITE Crew out every week throughout Phoenix handing out condoms, lube and providing FREE Rapid HIV Testing! In 2016, the IGNITE Crew took to the internet to find out which crew member people would PAY to see in Drag! Together, the Crew raised more than $9,000 and Brad Speck led the charge, raising $2,700 alone! You’ll find Brad, aka “Monica-Marie”, performing 2 numbers and hosting a fun fundraiser from 10:30pm – 12:00am!  You don’t want to miss this!

Congratulations, Brad!!!

Mystery Box Prizes

A Fundraising crowd-favorite, with a $10 donation, you’ll be able to spin a wheel for a chance to open one of many Mystery Boxes filled with Gift Cards from awesome local restaurants, stores and services – valued at $25 and up! A fun and exciting way to give back to the community, with a 1-in-4 chance to win a great prize!  All money donated in the Mystery Box goes directly back into Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS’ HIV and STD Testing Program!

Raffle Prizes from The Clarendon Hotel and Spa
Clarendon Hotel

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa has donated a 2-Day Staycation and 2, Poolside Cabanas to be raffled-off at Stacy’s for their gorgeous hotel in Central Phoenix! Join your hostess “Monica-Marie” from 10:30pm – 12:00am, where with each $10 donation, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win 1 of these 3 great prizes! Or purchase 5 chances to win for $40! An awesome way to give back and beat the summer heat in Phoenix! All money donated in the Raffle goes directly back into Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS’ HIV and STD Testing Program!

The Condom Bar
The Condom Bar by IGNITE

Finding the right condom can be as exhausting as finding the right pair of jeans! Not too tight, not too loose, skinny fit, boot cut, big & tall, slick finish or something a little rough around the edges. We get it! That’s why we’ll be rolling out The Condom Bar at Stacy’s for our National HIV Testing Day Event. A member of the IGNITE Crew will give you one of our signature fabric bags, and you’ll be guided through the Condom Bar to discover everything from your standard basics, to colors, flavors, textures, tantric, ultra thins, big boys, female condoms, lube and more! Fill your sack for FREE! Discovering which one you love is the fun part!! Want to learn more about the Condom Bar and tips for getting the most enjoyment out of sex with a condom? Visit our Condom Bar page here.

Community Art Project with Release the Fear

Show off your artistic side and contribute to a Community Art Project with Release the Fear’s Robert J. Miley! Inspiring and empowering youth with the tools to make better life choices, Release the Fear has worked with thousands of at-risk youth and adults in Arizona and around the world, offering experiential programs that help reverse the paralyzing effects of fear and diminished self-worth.

Robert J. Miley will kick off the Community Art project at 9:00pm and it will continue until 1:00am, facilitated by an IGNITE Crew Member. Led by inspiring words and messages, you’ll contribute to this Community Art Project that brings us all together creatively about HIV in Phoenix. Make an addition to the canvas in tribute to someone you know who lost the fight against AIDS, someone you know who is living with HIV or to make a statement about Phoenix’s LGBT togetherness! It’s free to participate!

Once the canvas is complete, it will be on display all year long at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS and will be auctioned off at next year’s annual Night for Life Gala.  All proceeds will go back to Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS’ HIV and STD Testing Program!

Aerial Performance over the Dance Floor – by Vertical Fix

While you’re dancing to the hottest beats on Stacy’s dance floor from 10pm – 1am, you’ll find 3 Aerial Performers joining you from above! Brought to you by Vertical Fix, you’ll find an exciting experience with this interactive environment!  Their skilled performers and entertainers have years of experience with aerial artistry and circus entertainment. Join us for this exciting, one-of-a-kind experience at Stacy’s!

Photo Booth by Picture Perfect Photo Booths Phoenix
Picture Perfect Photo Booths

View the Photo Booth Photos from the Event here.

Show off your Little Prick (from the HIV Test!) and IGNITE Your Status with a photo from Picture Perfect Photo Booths! Shake the stigma about HIV Testing and be proud that you know your status!

PrEP Consultations and Information by Spectrum Medical Group
Spectrum Medical Group

One of the same medicines prescribed for the treatment of HIV can also be prescribed for its prevention, and it’s called PrEP or Pre-exposure prophylaxis. Truvada is currently the only medication FDA approved for use as PrEP and has been used in the treatment of HIV for many years. The same mechanism in Truvada that prevents HIV from replicating in the body of someone HIV positive also prevents HIV from taking hold in the body of someone who is HIV negative. Pretty cool, right? In several clinical trials and a recent real-world study, PrEP’s effectiveness at preventing HIV has been shown to be between 92% and 99% effective with very minimal (if any) side effects. If you are HIV Negative, and want to remain negative, PrEP may be a great solution for you.

Learn more about PrEP direct from the source from the team at Spectrum Medical Group from 9:00pm – 11:30pm!

Photos from the 2016 National HIV Testing Day Event