Positive Action

What are your goals?

Positive Action

Explore how to achieve the things you want

Positive Action can be especially helpful to someone who’s newly diagnosed with HIV to navigate the stress around HIV. It’s a series of peer-based, one-on-one sessions held at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS where you’ll dive into the question “what do I want out of life?”. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the whole picture, or life outside of the thing that’s stressing you out the most. We can get so focused on all the things that contribute to the stress of that one thing, but – what about the rest of you? What about your goals, dreams and desires? THAT is what you’ll focus on in Positive Action.

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions?

  • Do you want to create the results and success in your personal life, your relationships and/or your health?
  • Do you find yourself at a crossroads and you’re not sure which direction to go?
  • Are you looking to create an action plan and strategy to keep you moving toward your goals with confidence?
  • Are there certain things you know you’ve been avoiding, ignoring or postponing because they are too overwhelming or you are unsure of how to solve them?
  • Do you want to identify and change the beliefs and negative thoughts that are preventing you from creating the sense of well-being that you really want?
  • Do you find yourself weighed-down by the stress in your life?
  • Do you struggle with speaking your truth or communicating effectively with your friends/family/partner/peers?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Positive Action may be right for you! And the best part, it doesn’t cost you a thing. Through a special grant to support the behavioral needs of Phoenix’s gay community, Southwest Center is able to offer this program to you free of charge, and you’ll actually receive a $10 gift card to not only help you emotionally, but financially as well.

What will I get from Positive Action over sessions with a Phoenix Therapist or Counselor?

The goal of Positive Action is to inspire and empower you, as a member of Phoenix’s LGBT community, to take charge of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to move in. No clinical counselors or therapists, Positive Action’s team of Intervention Specialists deliver these sessions as peers – people who get where you’re coming from who are able to relate to you on a much different level.

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